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Best Home Wireless Security Camera Systems Reviews

Wireless security camera systems have changed the way that people protect their homes, as technology has improved significantly and along with the price drop, made them more attractive to homeowners. While the glut of products available gives consumers plenty of options, it can also be confusing. If you’re among the confused, this guide should clear things up.

Sizes and Specifications

This wireless surveillance camera system reviews is one of the best ways to determine if a product is good or not. But you should not rely on reviews exclusively as you also need to do research on your own. While HD is the norm now, it’s still a good idea to learn as much as you can about the different types so the jargon and technical terms used won’t confuse you.

Professional Level Cameras

These are high quality cameras that can perform a variety of functions and use different kinds of lenses. The advantage of these cameras is you can interchange the lenses so it can scan any object from any distance. Although these can be used indoors, the vast majority are installed outdoors for security purposes. While these cameras are very effective, they are the most expensive type and more suitable for commercial establishments than residential homes.

Digital Recorders

Digital recorders are used for transferring analog camera video feed and into a hard drive. A popular variant is the PC based CCTV system which consists of software and a board that will link a computer with the hard drive and the video camera. The other type is the standalone system, which looks like a typical VCR.

These standalone devices have special hardware installed that handles video processing, which reduces the possibility of computer system crashes. The content is stored in hard disks in digital format, and the operating system is stored in a processor designed for heavy duty work. Depending on the DVR system, it might be able to do remote monitoring, run on mobile devices and be fully integrated with the Internet.

If you decide to use a DVR device, make sure that you check the frame speed and motion detection, as the higher the rate, the smoother the video recording will be. If you’re looking for a camera that can record for extended periods, then the DVR could be just what you need.

Bullet Cameras

These cameras are so-called because the unit is encased in a bullet-like container. Although they look compact, these cameras are very durable and can withstand weather fluctuations, so they’re suitable for outdoor use. But what really makes these wireless home security camera systems effective is the integrated design and compact size, making them inconspicuous.

In addition, bullet cameras incorporate the latest state of the art technology such as infrared LED, which allows the device to “see” in the infrared spectrum, which the human eye cannot grasp. With infrared, the viewing area will become visible even if it is in total darkness. If you’re going to buy a bullet camera, make sure the infrared capability is extensive and that it is easy to install. Owing to the compact size and style, bullet cameras are most ideal for DIY installations.

Board Camera Systems

These are camera systems mounted on a circuit board with a fixed lens, and they usually come in unpacked, in a dome or a small case. Regardless of the packaging, mounting is pretty straightforward, and the lenses are either of the pinhole or standard aperture size. The pinhole types are the so-called spy cameras and can be configured so they are very hard to detect, perfect for surveillance.

As a wireless surveillance system, the board camera comes in many forms, but all are pre-mounted and have a fixed iris. While they’re inconspicuous, the focal length is usually short, limiting their usefulness. Nevertheless, they’re a most practical solution if you’re on a budget.

Comparing the Different Security Cameras

The majority of professional cameras have C/CS mount attachments, which are capable of producing superior performance, backlighting and better lens control. Because of the way the camera has been designed, distance of the object from the camera is not an issue as you just need to install the proper lens. But as pointed out earlier, these cameras are costly and installation can be difficult.

Bullet cameras on the other hand, offer high lens resolution, and you can choose from a wide array of lenses, and they’re weatherproof to boot. Aside from being widely available, bullet cameras have infrared filters built in and they’re easy to set up too, and if you read wireless security cameras reviews you’ll notice that they’re very effective in terms of providing security.

Most bullet cameras today are bundled with 3.6 mm lenses, which are considered the standard for small to average sized rooms, although 6 mm and higher lenses are available for bigger rooms. Because of the way they’re designed, bullet cameras are perfect for most homes and they’re easy enough for anyone to install.

As for board cameras, they’re most practical if you want to install cameras covertly. These cameras are usually wireless and have sophisticated transmitters built in. Different types are available, but many are sold as circuit boards so they can be integrated with cameras easily.

What Security Camera Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for affordable and dependable wireless camera security system you may want to check Lorex wireless security cameras, as they’re fully equipped and designed to protect your home. Unlike other systems that compromise ease of use with power, the Lorex system incorporates real time recording with 8 channel DVR so you can view and record at the same time.

Lorex security cameras are also compatible with the most popular mobile devices today, and the 24” LED display ensures you can see everything clearly whether it’s day or night. In addition, these security systems have HDMI and VGA inputs so compatibility won’t be an issue, and it uses full HD 1080p for crystal clear imagery. While there are many different cameras as shown here, the Lorex security systems by far offer the best value for your money.