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Wireless Video Monitoring System – Why You Need Home Surveillance

I was shocked to learn that every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed. Incredibly, there are over 2.5 million home intrusions committed each year! If you are not trying to protect your home or your trade secrets at work, there are people out there who will try to take advantage and steal all your stuff. All the things you worked so hard to achieve.

Fortunately, today’s technology allows you to fight back with your own visible or hidden surveillance cameras and gives you the ability to watch out for those who are looking to take advantage of you.

Having a wireless video monitoring system in your home and in your place of business allows you to keep watch of everything that is happening through any electronic device that has an internet connection while you are on the go. Other than on-demand feed, a wireless video surveillance system offers you plenty of benefits:

Deters Employee Theft

The United States Chamber of Commerce has reported that 75 percent of employees steal and that most of them are doing it repeatedly. With today’s economy, it is not a surprise that the employee theft statistics is on an upward trend. Well placed cameras inside and outside of your workplace will definitely deter employees who are looking to take home an item or two from the stock room.

Prevents Harassment

Having a case of any form harassment in your hands is bad for business. Managers who are in the habit of verbally or sexually harassing your employees will have to think twice knowing that they are under the microscope. This puts your employees at ease, knowing that someone is always looking out for their safety.

Motivates Employees

Employees tend to be in their best behavior when someone is watching. A wireless surveillance cameras system will help improve productivity and give your managers information about the professional habits of your employees.

Assists in Employee Training

Cameras are not selective in what they are recording. Aside from unacceptable behavior, the system will also record your employees’ praiseworthy practices. Prior to a performance review, you can skim through the recorded video and watch for positive behaviors that you can reinforce.

Ensures Intellectual Properties are Safe

All of your competitors are in the business of making money. Sometimes, there are unscrupulous business owners who will do everything to put you out of business, even to the extent of stealing your company’s secrets. Strategically located indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras will make sure that your business secrets will remain secrets.

Minimizes Liability

In the past, businesses have been exploited by employees who made false claims about the company they work for. By installing a video system with wireless outdoor security camera, you are certain that all of your bases are covered. Should an employee raise a false claim, the video surveillance system will serve as your protection from legal action.

Improves Customer Experience

Aside from security and employee motivation, cameras can also be used to observe customer behavior. Businesses in the retail industry have used their video surveillance system to study customer habits. Studying hundreds of hours of customer behavior will give you insights on how to develop a scheme where the store’s traffic patterns and product placement are optimized.

Reduces Stress

When you are traveling to another country, you can still be sure that your business is running as usual. If any problem should occur, you can view what’s happening in and around your office so you can address the situation with all the information that you need without having to catch the next flight back home.

Validate Stress Signals

Responding to false alarms is a thing of the past with wireless outdoor security cameras. Since the cameras can be accessed remotely, you can easily validate if the source of the alarm is a legitimate threat or not. You no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to check your establishment just to see a stray animal wandering around.
The benefits of having a wireless video monitoring system are not limited to your workplace. While you are at work, you and your family can enjoy the many benefits provided by a home video security system.

Gives Peace of Mind

When you are at work, there’s so little that you can do to protect your home. Installing outdoor security cameras will take away all of your anxieties by reducing the probability of break-ins. Moreover, a camera security surveillance system will start recording once the integrated motion and audio sensors are triggered, guaranteeing that those who did the crime, will also do the time.

Provides Doorstep Surveillance

An outdoor wireless security camera will provide you with live feed of any suspicious activity around your property. If someone unexpected shows up, you can view the person from the video device before deciding to open the door.

Allows Camera Movement

With a wireless video surveillance system, you can put the cameras in different locations to fully watch over every inch of your home. The crooks will always try to get a leg up on you trying to find security holes to exploit. By moving the locations of your outdoor cameras once in a while, you are further reducing the chances of getting robbed.

Keeps Watch of the Nanny

Leaving your kids under the care of a nanny can be difficult, especially if you do not know the person really well. Proper placement of wireless cameras around your house will allow you to look at your children from time to time while you work, reducing the possibility of abuse.

If you are convinced of the many benefits that come with a wireless monitoring system, it is time to look for a product that offers the best value for your money. Lorex Touch-LW16512 has everything that you need to protect your home and your business. The security kit includes 4 wireless and 8 wired security cameras, DVR, and a 27 inch LED monitor.

The surveillance security system is easy to install and operate and can function 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To spare you of any data storage problems and maximize security, the cameras have integrated motion sensors that will trigger recording when motion is detected. Best of all, the cameras provide excellent colored video by day before switching to black and white at night for improved clarity under poor lighting conditions.


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