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Night Vision Security Camera – Are They Wireless Spy Cameras?

The burglars understand that in order to steal your stuff, they have to do it in the middle of the night. Your business is not going to get broken into during the day. No, that doesn’t make sense right? It’s going to happen in the darkness of night. How do you prevent this? Or at the very least, how can you help catch these thieves who want to take what you worked so hard to achieve. Night vision security cameras is how you are going to do it. While there’s no questioning the fact that you need one, the problem is, how do you know which one you should get? Well, here are some suggestions:

Buy from a Reputable Company

This is extremely important, since the security of your home will depend on the camera system you install. Cases of robberies and break-ins are on the rise, every 13 seconds, so it’s important that you invest in a night vision system that’s proven to be reliable. Since every company will claim they’re the best, it’s ideal to do some research first so you’ll be able to distinguish between the good and inferior ones.

The Right Type of Camera That Fits Your Needs

Several types of security cameras are available on the market, and the one you choose has to be based on your home’s specific requirements. For instance, you can buy an outdoor wireless surveillance camera, or an indoor type. You might call these spy cameras or hidden surveillance cameras.

Second, you have to decide between wired and wireless. In terms of feature set they’re pretty much the same, but it’s much better to get a wireless unit as they’re easier to install. A wired security camera may be more difficult to install and you’ll need to make sure that wires don’t get entangled. Plus you have to verify the length of the wires are sufficient for the distance you need to cover.

In contrast, a wireless night vision camera won’t present you with any such problems, for as long as it’s within range, the camera will work without any problems. Given the advantages offered by wireless systems, there’s no reason not to choose them especially since the difference in price is negligible.

Check the Specifications

The number of cameras included in these systems ranges from 4 to 8, and some of them have a DVR and the hardware required to set it up. Due to competition, the number of accessories in a typical night vision security camera has increased, but you should choose only the one that you actually need. As to what features are required, it’s recommended that you pick a night vision security system that is capable of recording to your computer or DVR.

In addition, it’s a good idea if the unit has support for smartphones and mobile devices so you can access it anywhere you are. Thanks to the Internet it’s become easier than ever to research these products, so take advantage of this opportunity to compare each product. While there are many night vision devices available, not all of them are built the same way, so the images you see will vary from product to product. To ensure you don’t end up with an inferior product, look for any special technology used to amplify images so they’ll still be clear even in low light.

There are other features you need to consider as well, such as an anti-glare for those times when the sun is out shining, and the colors should be reproduced accurately for identification purposes. The camera operation should be easy and capable of running in extreme temperatures so it won’t break down during cold days or when summer arrives. If the camera will be installed outdoors, there should be an anti-vandal design so burglars won’t be able to smash it.

Know What You Are Getting

Read the product description in full so you know exactly what you’re getting, as it will tell you exactly how well the illumination range works and at what point will objects become obscure or fade. Second, check the field of view and if it is waterproof. Be mindful that just because the camera is listed as waterproof doesn’t mean you can immerse it in water.

What it simply means is that it won’t suffer damage if it gets wet, but soaking it completely in water might cause problems. Aside from the specs, it’s also good practice to read product reviews since it’s the best way to gauge public response towards the product and whether it works as advertised or not.

Price, Size and Other Factors

Apart from those already mentioned, you should take price into consideration. No doubt you’ll need to invest a little cash on a good system, but since competition has driven the cost down, you won’t need to pay a high price.
It’s been already pointed out that the size of the camera system is important, but it’s not the only thing you need to consider as you also have to take into account its durability. If the camera will be used outdoors, verify its waterproof and can withstand weather changes. Whether the spy cam is indoors or outdoors, make sure that the optics are sharp, the case is durable and the viewing range is expansive.

If you’re looking for convenience, look for a security system that combines the camera and recorder in one. It should also let you see what’s happening via your mobile device. Regarding the number of cameras that should be included, the simple rule is the more the better, but don’t buy a system with more cameras than you’ll be able to use.

What is the Best Available Option?

There are a lot of cameras with night vision built in, but if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable product, the Lorex Night Vision Security Camera is a good option. Unlike other devices, the Lorex camera comes with sophisticated optics so you receive crystal clear reception.

In addition, the Lorex camera has BrightNight viewing so you’ll still be able to see images clearly in the nighttime and even in low light. Because of the way the unit has been designed, there’s no washed up effect and everything appears as they should be, and there’s little need to mess around with the settings either. Since there has been such positive feedback for the Lorex Night Vision Security Camera, I am recommending you take a look at this home monitoring system right now.

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