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Surveillance Cameras For Home – Do You Need A Spy Camera?

surveillance camera for home






Monitor Your Property Remotely over the Internet

    • View and record with up to 8 security cameras
    • Record up to 9 months of video when using motion activated recording
    • Built it night vision capability
    • Connect instantly and view live video stream from your smart phone remotely
    • 23″ Inch high resolution wide screen LCD monitor
    • Get alerts on your phone of any motions or alarms detected
    • Easily connect to your home router with the provided Lorex software
    • Control the system from anywhere in the world using your computer browser
    • Easily search recorded video by time or event
    • Scheduled backup to either USB device of network location of any critical images
    • Quickly archive single or multiple events
    • Perform up to 8 simultaneous tasks from local or remote system or remote computer
    • Advanced H.264 video compression technology recorded on a 500GB hard drive
    • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors

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At some point, you’ve probably asked yourself, Do I really need a wireless surveillance camera system for my home? Many years ago, I might have said no. Today is a different day though. My mother’s home was broken into. No one was home at the time but she had valuable taken. That wasn’t the disturbing thing though. You see, she never felt the same after that. Every time she put that key in the door way to enter the house, she wondered if someone was in there. Now sure, she had a new ritual where she would double check each window and lock before she left, but that wasn’t it. She still couldn’t get over the fact that someone decided they had the right to enter the house without authorization, go through her things, and take what they wanted. Oh yeah, it doesn’t end there. The person(s) were never found.

Sure, there was a police report taken. We let the neighbors know to keep a look out for anything suspicious. The cops probably went to the local pawn shops to see if any of the items made their was there.

Turn on the TV any night of the week. Read the headlines online. Home invasions and burglaries are occurring everyday. So what does mean to you? Well, let’s see. Nationwide, there are 4 burglaries that occur every 1 minute. 60.5% involved forcible entry.

Let that settle in one minute!

In the next hour, there will be 240 burglaries happening. Since only some burglars are caught committing their first break-in, those same crooks will be at it again. It’s not uncommon for these guys to commit over 20 burglaries before they are caught. That’s just one guy!

Do you still think a camera system is not important.

As you sit there reading this, I think you would agree if more people had surveillance cameras in their home, the more these burglars would be caught. It only makes sense! You have their picture and video of them committing the crime.

How great is that… You will be part of the solution.

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