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Wireless Home Security Alarm System | BrickHouse Auto-Dial Pro Security System

The ideal wireless home security alarm should have the ability to connect to multiple cameras and have motion sensors. You will want the cameras to auto record video to a hard drive, computer, or SD card. A great feature would be the ability for the system to call a phone number of your choosing if the motion sensors were activated. The icing on the cake would be NO Monthly FESS. That is you will find below…Wireless Home Security Alarm System

Wireless Home Security Alarm System

The World’s First COMPLETE Security Alarm System – NO MONTHLY FEES

* Connect Up To 4 Wireless Cameras

* Automatically Calls 6 Numbers For Help On Motion

* Auto-Records Video to SD Card, Triggered by Motion

* IR Sensor, Magnetic Door Sensor & Remote Included

* Dial In To Activate Alarm Or Modify Settings

* Easily Transfer Video w Removable SD Card

Wireless Home Security Alarm System

A Surveillance System And Home Alarm In One: Catch Intruders And Keep Your Home Safe

You can consider this the all-in-one motion activated wireless video surveillance system. The 2.4GHZ cameras can record to a removable media such as an SD card. You will also have the comfort of knowing that you can anywhere and if the motion sensors get tripped, you can be one of the 6 numbers that will be called.

Your home will be protected from intruders and a quick response will be possible with this wireless home security system. The quality of video is great, and the cameras are easy to install.

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