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Wireless IP Security Camera – Can a Simple WiFi Security Camera Monitor Your Home?

How great would it be if you could monitor what’s going on at your property in less than 60 seconds right from your phone? Well, that is possible if you had a wireless IP security camera that will act as your surveillance and security system. Listen, you will be able to hook up the system to transmit data to your computer or remote location through the Internet. The term IP is usually applied only to surveillance devices. This outdoor wifi security camera is just the system you need to help calm your nerves that anything is going to happen when you are not home.

Types of IP Cameras

Before going over the reasons why, it’s important that you understand the different types available. The first is centralized and require a central NVR (network video recorder) for managing alarm management, video and recording. A decentralized IP camera on the other hand, doesn’t need an NVR because the device has a recorder built in and can record to a computer, server or SD card.

Benefits and Advantages

These systems have several benefits, as it can function like a 2-way audio by way of a single network cable, allowing you to interact with what you are watching. IP cameras are also flexible and are easier to move around compared to other devices, as they can be set anywhere in an IP network, whether it is wireless or wired.

IP cameras can also provide you with video analytics and can transmit numerous commands using a single network cable. Also, today’s IP cameras are equipped with sophisticated authentication, security and encryption protocols, making it virtually impossible for someone to break into the system.

If that’s not enough, whether you get the outdoor wireless security cameras or combination of outdoor and indoor security cameras, you will be able to view the feed from a computer, smartphone or tablet wherever you are. This is a very important feature you can use to prevent people from using those video feeds for criminal intent. Furthermore, the best wireless IP security camera is capable of running without the need for additional power supply.

With all these features, it’s easy to see why you are interested in getting these wireless surveillance cameras installed at home. But since there are so many of these available, it can be hard to figure out which one to buy. To avoid problems, consider the following.

Features to Look For

When looking for a wifi security camera or wireless IP cameras, you need to do more than just check if it’s wireless or not. You should also consider its design. You need to start with the picture quality, and these days you should not settle for anything less than full HD 1080p. You may not think you need this but once you see HD you’ll never go back to ordinary pictures again. With full HD you won’t have any problems making sense of the image even if it’s night, and if you’re serious about protecting your home or business establishment, this is what you should get. Nobody wants to be the victim of a break in attempt, but if it happens you’ll need clear images on your camera to help apprehend the suspect.

As far as specifications are concerned, look for digital noise reduction so images, especially during nighttime or when the sun is shining brightly, remain clear and sharp. Since you’ll be using the device 24/7 there should be enough storage space and state of the art motor detection.

If your main concern is night vision, make sure that the range is extensive, with a range of 100 – 150 FT in ambient lighting good enough. Even if it’s total darkness the camera should still be able to function, with a distance of 100 FT ideal. Again it’s important that the system is in HD otherwise the details will be very hard to see. It will also help if the unit has backlight compensation so that even if the area is dark you’ll be able to see images clearly.

Aside from those, you should also check for PoE (Power over Ethernet) and durability, the latter very important if you live in an area subject to extreme weather changes. Poorly designed IP cameras, unfortunately, break down when exposed to extreme heat or cold or when the wind suddenly blows hard.

Below, I’ve included a link to a reputable place you can get your wireless IP camera system. You’ll be happy to note you can record and view live video at the same time. These wifi home security cameras have comer a long way. I think you will find the ease of installation a plus. The company has a solid reputation with providing great customer support. If customer reviews suggest that the product is easy to set up, it’s definitely worth a look.

The ease of use aspect is something that you really need to pay attention to. Very often first time buyers become attracted to a device’s features only to end up being frustrated by a complicated interface. Your biggest weapon here will be product reviews, as the more positive feedback a product has, the greater the odds it is easy and powerful to use.

What is the Best IP Security Camera?

There are plenty of wireless cameras available on the Internet, but in terms of offering value for your money, the Lorex wireless IP security camera is one of the most attractive choices as it offers an impressive array of features that cannot be found in other systems.

The Lorex has full HD 1080p video, and real time video recording is built in, and there’s backlight compensation so even if the area is dark, images come to you crystal clear. And to complete the package, it has very good night vision range up to 120 FT in ambient darkness and 73 FT in total darkness. With the wireless IP camera system, you’ll never be nervous again about not knowing what is going in and around your home. You can just check your system out via the internet through a computer, smart phone, or tablet.



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