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Wireless Security Camera System – 5.8GHz All Weather IR Day Night Camera

An outdoor wireless surveillance camera system should be able to record day or night and not be affected by the outdoor elements such as extreme snow storms or heat waves. It should also have night vision capabilities and should start recording automatically whether you are there or not. It should also no be affected by the surrounding equipment such as home broadband router, cell phones, and microwaves. You will also want a security system that is easy to install that is almost plug and play. That is exactly what this wireless security camera system does. Read the following feature description:


Wireless Security Camera System

The camera is weather proof, rugged, and has the ability to transmit wireless video up to 1,000 Ft. Away

* Weatherproof 13 Color DayNight Sony CCD Camera

* Plug & Play Technology – Plug The Camera In & Start Transmitting Surveillance Video

* Rugged All-Weather Rated Metal Case

* The Night Vision Range is 40 Feet – 18 IR LEDs Are Utilized For Nightvision

* 8 User Selectable Channels

5.8GHz All Weather IR Day Night Camera

The 5.8GHz All Weather IR Day-Night Camera transmits wireless video up to 1,000 feet away for safety and security at a distance. This incredibly easy to set-up and use camera simply plugs in and begins transmitting to a receiver (not included) up to 1,000 feet away.

You’ll be able to set it up and monitor everything that happens from a distance. You won’t have to worry about having to be in the place as something is happening. You could monitor it from 1000 feet away.
YOu can feel safe in knowing that your property is protected.

No Interference From Home Appliances

The system is easy to setup and operate. Since it is a 5.8Ghz, the IR Day-Night Camera is not susceptible to interference from other 2.4GHz 802.11 bg devices, which is the typical frequency of most home appliances and networks. This security system provides clear and reliable images and surveillance footage.

Weather Proof Camera Complete With Metal Housing

Temperature range of -30F to + 170F: This all weather camera can withstand some of the harshest climates in the world and is perfect for outdoor use.

Nightvision Up To 40 Ft. For Recording Even In Complete Darkness

This camera captures video up to 40 feet even in complete darkness for unparalleled security video. Even if intruders try to break into your home in the middle of the night, this surveillance camera will capture their every move and transmit it to the wireless receiver.


* Weatherproof day and night camera

* Nightvision that allows you to see in complete darkness 40 ft away

* Interference Free camera that provides clear images

* All weather metal case that provides the best protection for your camera


* Camera

* Camera mount

* 1 DC adapter

* 1 6 foot VGA cable

* 1 Remote control

* Instruction booklet

* Receiver sold separately



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